Nov 3, 2007


Greg,my second-hand landlord of new home,lives on the second floor.He is medic on the internship period of time.Set up tons of rules about cleanup.He told us because he is gonna be doctor soon.That's why.I start understanding that everyone become so professionally when it hits their professional may think it sounds too much,but think about it.What I look like when TV,Film and Sport topics come.Wow!!!

Oct 31, 2007

from Thailand???

When I was in the United States.There were a lot of people thinking I am from Thailand.In the beginning,only reason i can think about is my skin color.I finally find out the reason today.My teacher think I am from Thailand as well because of my English pronunciation.It seems I have same pronunciation problems as people from Thailand

My New Place in Sydney

See,this is my new home.Do you guys see this big tree in the front yard.That's pretty cool.Just moved in few days ago.I can walk to school around 30 minutes and everyone in this house share a lot of things together.That's why I don't have to buy a lot of stuffs now.


Hello everyone,
Welcome my friends around the world.Of course,It includes my family.This blog is all about me(Jessica).Welcome to my dreamland and please feel free to leave message.This is a place for all my friend and family both know what happen to me and get in touch with me.I will write this blog in English for all my friends from around the world.