Jan 12, 2008

Impressive CityRail in Sydney....

I went to Ashfield by train this afternoon. Ashfield is the place where tons of Chinese people who are from Hong Kong, Taiwan, China gather. That is why a lot of people go there to buy some Chinese food at cheaper price. Actually, I found out the price out there is cheaper for real. I also went there to give out some resumes for part-time job. Hopefully, I can get some good news soon.

The main point of this post is the Sydney's train which is really impressive for me. This is first time I take train in Sydney because I take bus all the time. The train in Sydney is clear, air-condition, and good broadcasting system. Beside that, There is good design on seat. Unfortuately, I don't have opportunity to shoot a film in order to show you guys. That's a design every row of seat you can switch to the direction you want to sit toward to. Impressive.

Jan 6, 2008

Ridiculous Australian Broadcast...

The most ridiculous thing happened to me few days ago. I turned on the TV and they were broadcasting Hopman Cup mixed double game. The game was my Taiwanese team against Serbia. There are 8 countries playing in mixed double in Hopman Cup which held in Perth. Serbia is the first seed in this contest and my Taiwanese team is the last seed in this contest. I was so excited when I was watching this game because my Taiwanese team put on a competitive contest. Suddenly, the Australian TV channel change the program after commercials when the contest hadn't finished yet. I was so angry at that. What the hell is this going on? Ridiculous. I know the outcome of this game on the internet. My Taiwanese team lost this game 1-2 when they lost tie-breaker on the third set. Great Game.

Beautiful Fireworks show

Picture is not perfect, but the experience is amazing. If you guys have that opportunity, please join the party to see this fantastic New Year Fireworks show near Sydney Opera House. I love it even though I have to wait from 4pm to midnight for this. I really hope my family could be with me at that moment and enjoy this together.