Dec 14, 2007

Yes! I passed my E-Test

See,Santa Claus showed up and gave me a present earlier this year.I got the result yesterday and I passed my E-Test.Thanks all the prays and wishes from all my friends and family.This helps my confident a little bit.Actually,That Santa Claus is one of my teachers called Mark.He is a wonderful teacher and helps me a lot.However,I went to bed for celebration instead of having a big dish.The weakest part of my English remain at writing.Fortunately for me,I got the minimum at this part.

Dec 11, 2007


After I had been studied hard for 10 weeks,I had my big E-Test yesterday.I don't know I will pass or not.Hopefully,I can bring great news to everybody out there who care about me and the outcome of this test.Nowadays,I have little confident of everything of myself.Does Chinese people always have little confident of themselves?I was so exhausted and went home to sleep until this post.Part of reason is test.The other reason is I think I have been sick about 2 weeks.I even get few complain about sniffling during test from a guy sitting next to me.Before I went home yesterday,I decided to give myself a prize and spent 10 Australia dollars on this luxury meal.I haven't been done this more than one month.I will know my score of E-Test on Friday.I may think about getting big pizza or a whole chicken for celebration if I pass the test.If I don't pass,well,I don't know.My confident probably will reach the lowest point.Anyway,I still have speaking section going tomorrow.Good Luck to myself.