Dec 30, 2007

Fireworks show is coming....Scouting location....

Well, I told you guys I am going to celebrate this New Year at Sydney Opera House with fireworks show and a lot of Australians. Today, I went to scout location and tried to find the best location for best view of fireworks show. I know it sounds silly for scouting location for fireworks show, but I think this problem just come from being a producer,right? The weather was beautiful this afternoon. Is this scenery fantastic? By the way, I need to get there earlier to get good location, so I probably have to bring some food and play poker with my friends . If you guys have any other good ideas expect playing poker in order to waste some waiting time, please let me know.

Dec 28, 2007

Flowers& Plants

I found out Australians really like flowers and plants. I saw tons of flowers and plants on sale in front of many stores. Australians like to buy some and put in the house. The place I rent has a big garden and my landlord takes care of them carefully. I think my mom will love to live here because she loves flowers and plants and wants to have a garden in the future.

Dec 22, 2007

Happy Holidays, Everyone

Christmas and New Year are coming. What is your plan for that, everyone? Me? I have been seen a lot of news about Australian celebration for New Year, especially for the scene of fireworks show near Sydney Opera House. That's pretty and impressive. People say Australia is the first place to welcome the New Year in the world. I probably join the party this year.

National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets

Well, Let us get this straight to the point. If you are planning to go to watch this film, you better not to expect too much or you better to choose another film. I want to make one thing clear before going into my opinion on this film. I am a big fan of Nicolas Cage and producer Jerry Bruckhelmer, especially I like the supporting actor Riley Poole (Justin Bartha) as well. If you think my opinion based on hatred of them, you are dead wrong. My opinion has nothing to do with biased love toward to them. I have to admit it become much difficult to satisfy me for what I want from a film. Just for record, I love Lust, Caution which is Ang Lee newest one, especially for one isn't big fan of Ang Lee's films.

I chose to watch this film on opening day at Sydney because I like the first one. Unfortunately for me, Sequels always disappoint me most of times. I got a sense from ending which there will be third episode of National Treasure when The USA President talked to Benjamin Franklin Gates (Cage) about secrets at page 47.

In my opinion,the failure of action/adventure/entertainment genre is too predictable.The more plots audiences can figure out, the less excitement they will have.This is the main problem of National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets. Screenwriters of National Treasure 2 use the same strategy and outline from first one to write main plots of second one. It's fresh and exciting for audiences when writers create new plots which no one use that before, but it doesn't get the same result when you use that second time. For example, the series of codes lead to map; invisible map on the back of The Declaration of Independence equals to two pieces of woods inside resolution desks; maps lead to underground sites which hide all the treasure; Ben decided to steal The Declaration of Independence that equals to decide to kidnap the President of USA.

I also understand this film made by Americans.Therefore, I certainly can expect lots of heroism and patriotism but this is too much for me in this film.

The most unreasonable character is the bad guy called Mitch Wilkinson(Ed Harris). He always shows up to provide more clues in order to move storyline going or gives main characters some solutions or ways out. Is he supposed to be a bad guy? He even sacrificed his life and let main characters survive.

In conclusion, If you guys believe me, I will recommend you guys to watch Lust, Caution instead of National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets.

Have you watched National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets? How do you think?

Dec 14, 2007

Yes! I passed my E-Test

See,Santa Claus showed up and gave me a present earlier this year.I got the result yesterday and I passed my E-Test.Thanks all the prays and wishes from all my friends and family.This helps my confident a little bit.Actually,That Santa Claus is one of my teachers called Mark.He is a wonderful teacher and helps me a lot.However,I went to bed for celebration instead of having a big dish.The weakest part of my English remain at writing.Fortunately for me,I got the minimum at this part.

Dec 11, 2007


After I had been studied hard for 10 weeks,I had my big E-Test yesterday.I don't know I will pass or not.Hopefully,I can bring great news to everybody out there who care about me and the outcome of this test.Nowadays,I have little confident of everything of myself.Does Chinese people always have little confident of themselves?I was so exhausted and went home to sleep until this post.Part of reason is test.The other reason is I think I have been sick about 2 weeks.I even get few complain about sniffling during test from a guy sitting next to me.Before I went home yesterday,I decided to give myself a prize and spent 10 Australia dollars on this luxury meal.I haven't been done this more than one month.I will know my score of E-Test on Friday.I may think about getting big pizza or a whole chicken for celebration if I pass the test.If I don't pass,well,I don't know.My confident probably will reach the lowest point.Anyway,I still have speaking section going tomorrow.Good Luck to myself.

Nov 20, 2007

Believe what you see;Don't believe what you hear

The funny thing how stereotype works nowadays.If you are kind of person always believe what you hear and then decide what you do and who you choose to be friend.Trust me.You probably get burned most of time.

Nov 13, 2007

Movie Magic

It always amazes me that how much passion people have for movies.As you guys know,I just moved into new place for a while.One of guy from Germany share the house with me is backpacker now.We talked to each other during dinner time in the kitchen yesterday and then I don't know when we start topic about movies.Suddenly,I find out he and his two friends are going to have their production companies in the near future.I am so excited at knowing three more friends and then we can work together with project in the future.

Nov 8, 2007

Unreasonable person

I start to understand how difficult to be a negotiator who can conduct a negotiation successfully.Those negotiator even negotiate with some people talk in reasonable way.My old landlord though he is chief and I am his soldier.I have to take every order from him.I am not going to go through the whole situation here,but the most ridiculous thing for me is he keep forgetting what he said and what he did before.He changed the reality and his memory to make himself believe one thing "He is right".Unbelievable !!!!

WoW!!!Melbourne Cup 2007

I was experienced for first time ever of Melbourne Cup "during" class.I have been to Sha Tin racecourse(沙田馬場) in Hong Kong with my sister.That is the first chance I have been able to see horses racing in person when I have been watching on TV broadcasting for many times.But,on Tuesday(November 6th),the experience I have for watching horse racing is very amazing and special.I wish I am able to share pictures I took in few seconds by my cellphone during that short 10 minutes.Unfortunately,I couldn't do it.In fact,I don't know how to get my pictures out of cellphone.Ha!!

All the staff and teachers were dressed up pretty and most people gambled on that Melbourne Cup.The first class in the afternoon even was finished 15 minutes earlier in order to let every student have chances for watching it.The school even set up one big room with big screen setting up for that.Full of people in that room cheer up and root for his bid so loudly.You can smell that excitement and catch it.This is the first time I actually get to understand the magic power of horse racing.The teacher even told us the people live in Melbourne have one day off for Melbourne Cup.WoW!!!!

Just in case,you guys are wondering now.I didn't gamble on that because of lack of luck from me.
One of my friend in the class did won 5 Australian dollars.By the way,this is the info of the winner of Melbourne Cup 2007.I find this info from you guys are interested in,you can go to their official website.

placing horse margin starting Price weight jockey trainer barrier time prize money
1st Efficient(NZ)
$17 54.5 M Rodd Graeme Rogerson 9 3-23.34 3100000
2nd Purple Moon(IRE) 0.5 $5.50 53.5 D Oliver Luca Cumani 13
3rd Mahler(GB) 3 $10 50.5 S Baster Aidan O'Brien 6

Nov 6, 2007

Happy Birthday!!My Dear Sister,Jean

Today!!November 5th is my dear sister's birthday.Jean,Wish you best.Hopefully,you have good day at this birthday.I couldn't say enough how much my family means to me.My sister always stands by me,let me do whatever I want to and takes responsibility as much as she can.

I always remember the trip I have with her.I didn't feel very well at the first day of trip to Hong Kong.Actually,I was sick at that day.Because we went to Hong Kong by ourselves without group,we have the whole day travel plan and need to figure out transportation how to get to specific places we want.I was not in the good mood at all as a result of being sick and was angry at everything the whole day.But,my sister didn't angry at me at all,did everything for me and tried to make me feel better at the same time.At the second day,I had an apology to her about my bad temper yesterday,but she simply smiled at me and said she understood.This is my sister.Hopefully, we can have another wonderful trip near future.Happy birthday,my dear sister,Jean.

Nov 3, 2007


Greg,my second-hand landlord of new home,lives on the second floor.He is medic on the internship period of time.Set up tons of rules about cleanup.He told us because he is gonna be doctor soon.That's why.I start understanding that everyone become so professionally when it hits their professional may think it sounds too much,but think about it.What I look like when TV,Film and Sport topics come.Wow!!!

Oct 31, 2007

from Thailand???

When I was in the United States.There were a lot of people thinking I am from Thailand.In the beginning,only reason i can think about is my skin color.I finally find out the reason today.My teacher think I am from Thailand as well because of my English pronunciation.It seems I have same pronunciation problems as people from Thailand

My New Place in Sydney

See,this is my new home.Do you guys see this big tree in the front yard.That's pretty cool.Just moved in few days ago.I can walk to school around 30 minutes and everyone in this house share a lot of things together.That's why I don't have to buy a lot of stuffs now.


Hello everyone,
Welcome my friends around the world.Of course,It includes my family.This blog is all about me(Jessica).Welcome to my dreamland and please feel free to leave message.This is a place for all my friend and family both know what happen to me and get in touch with me.I will write this blog in English for all my friends from around the world.