Nov 8, 2007

Unreasonable person

I start to understand how difficult to be a negotiator who can conduct a negotiation successfully.Those negotiator even negotiate with some people talk in reasonable way.My old landlord though he is chief and I am his soldier.I have to take every order from him.I am not going to go through the whole situation here,but the most ridiculous thing for me is he keep forgetting what he said and what he did before.He changed the reality and his memory to make himself believe one thing "He is right".Unbelievable !!!!

WoW!!!Melbourne Cup 2007

I was experienced for first time ever of Melbourne Cup "during" class.I have been to Sha Tin racecourse(沙田馬場) in Hong Kong with my sister.That is the first chance I have been able to see horses racing in person when I have been watching on TV broadcasting for many times.But,on Tuesday(November 6th),the experience I have for watching horse racing is very amazing and special.I wish I am able to share pictures I took in few seconds by my cellphone during that short 10 minutes.Unfortunately,I couldn't do it.In fact,I don't know how to get my pictures out of cellphone.Ha!!

All the staff and teachers were dressed up pretty and most people gambled on that Melbourne Cup.The first class in the afternoon even was finished 15 minutes earlier in order to let every student have chances for watching it.The school even set up one big room with big screen setting up for that.Full of people in that room cheer up and root for his bid so loudly.You can smell that excitement and catch it.This is the first time I actually get to understand the magic power of horse racing.The teacher even told us the people live in Melbourne have one day off for Melbourne Cup.WoW!!!!

Just in case,you guys are wondering now.I didn't gamble on that because of lack of luck from me.
One of my friend in the class did won 5 Australian dollars.By the way,this is the info of the winner of Melbourne Cup 2007.I find this info from you guys are interested in,you can go to their official website.

placing horse margin starting Price weight jockey trainer barrier time prize money
1st Efficient(NZ)
$17 54.5 M Rodd Graeme Rogerson 9 3-23.34 3100000
2nd Purple Moon(IRE) 0.5 $5.50 53.5 D Oliver Luca Cumani 13
3rd Mahler(GB) 3 $10 50.5 S Baster Aidan O'Brien 6

Nov 6, 2007

Happy Birthday!!My Dear Sister,Jean

Today!!November 5th is my dear sister's birthday.Jean,Wish you best.Hopefully,you have good day at this birthday.I couldn't say enough how much my family means to me.My sister always stands by me,let me do whatever I want to and takes responsibility as much as she can.

I always remember the trip I have with her.I didn't feel very well at the first day of trip to Hong Kong.Actually,I was sick at that day.Because we went to Hong Kong by ourselves without group,we have the whole day travel plan and need to figure out transportation how to get to specific places we want.I was not in the good mood at all as a result of being sick and was angry at everything the whole day.But,my sister didn't angry at me at all,did everything for me and tried to make me feel better at the same time.At the second day,I had an apology to her about my bad temper yesterday,but she simply smiled at me and said she understood.This is my sister.Hopefully, we can have another wonderful trip near future.Happy birthday,my dear sister,Jean.