Dec 22, 2007

National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets

Well, Let us get this straight to the point. If you are planning to go to watch this film, you better not to expect too much or you better to choose another film. I want to make one thing clear before going into my opinion on this film. I am a big fan of Nicolas Cage and producer Jerry Bruckhelmer, especially I like the supporting actor Riley Poole (Justin Bartha) as well. If you think my opinion based on hatred of them, you are dead wrong. My opinion has nothing to do with biased love toward to them. I have to admit it become much difficult to satisfy me for what I want from a film. Just for record, I love Lust, Caution which is Ang Lee newest one, especially for one isn't big fan of Ang Lee's films.

I chose to watch this film on opening day at Sydney because I like the first one. Unfortunately for me, Sequels always disappoint me most of times. I got a sense from ending which there will be third episode of National Treasure when The USA President talked to Benjamin Franklin Gates (Cage) about secrets at page 47.

In my opinion,the failure of action/adventure/entertainment genre is too predictable.The more plots audiences can figure out, the less excitement they will have.This is the main problem of National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets. Screenwriters of National Treasure 2 use the same strategy and outline from first one to write main plots of second one. It's fresh and exciting for audiences when writers create new plots which no one use that before, but it doesn't get the same result when you use that second time. For example, the series of codes lead to map; invisible map on the back of The Declaration of Independence equals to two pieces of woods inside resolution desks; maps lead to underground sites which hide all the treasure; Ben decided to steal The Declaration of Independence that equals to decide to kidnap the President of USA.

I also understand this film made by Americans.Therefore, I certainly can expect lots of heroism and patriotism but this is too much for me in this film.

The most unreasonable character is the bad guy called Mitch Wilkinson(Ed Harris). He always shows up to provide more clues in order to move storyline going or gives main characters some solutions or ways out. Is he supposed to be a bad guy? He even sacrificed his life and let main characters survive.

In conclusion, If you guys believe me, I will recommend you guys to watch Lust, Caution instead of National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets.

Have you watched National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets? How do you think?


Jon said...

I saw the trailer for this and I almost laughed out loud at the complete ridiculousness of the script. It's trying to be The Da Vinci Code (but without a shred of realism) and failing.

I also saw some clips on Apple's site. They were being chased by Ed Harris in a car with barrels across the road. Lots of exciting things were happening but I wasn't excited at all. You can't put stuff like that in a movie and automatically get people excited, just like you can't have a funeral in a film and automatically make people cry. You have to earn it.

A lot of Hollywood producers don't think like that unfortunately.

Jessica Lee said...

Exactly, I couldn't agree with you more. If you get a chance to watch that film, you can find out how terrible that script is. I am very disappointed at this film. Of course, I went to watch this film with watching entertainment/adventure/action film attitude. I understood I was not going to watch the best film of the year, but it failed miserably on that department as well. Recently, a lot of hollywood blockbuster films just put a lot of action seqences together, but they couldn't keep story going. Bad script. Period. For me, It bores me when they keep putting all action sequences without reasons even though those action sequences sound exciting. I don't know it's just me or what. Girl? Maybe boys will have different feeling when they watch this film.

Jon said...

Apparently it's been doing quite well at the box office, in spite of its awfulness.

P.S. I agree, Lust, Caution was great!

Jessica Lee said...

So, You did watched Lust, Caution. I am impressed. How come you want to go to this film? Did this film release in England? It seems to me there are so many plots related to Chinese culture.

Jon said...

I was first drawn to the cinematography of the trailer, then I discovered it was by Ang Lee, so I HAD to go and see it. I saw it in the US and I don't know if it was released in the UK. People out here don't go to see movies very often, so they tend to release big blockbusters that they know will make a lot of money.

I've been trying to watch Youth Without Youth (Francis Ford Coppola) but I can't find it anywhere near me. I also want to see No Country for Old Men, I Am Legend and Sweeney Todd. They all come out in the next few weeks.