Dec 22, 2007

Happy Holidays, Everyone

Christmas and New Year are coming. What is your plan for that, everyone? Me? I have been seen a lot of news about Australian celebration for New Year, especially for the scene of fireworks show near Sydney Opera House. That's pretty and impressive. People say Australia is the first place to welcome the New Year in the world. I probably join the party this year.


Jon said...

My Christmas is just going to be a quiet family affair. Nothing too exciting.

I've seen the Sydney New Year celebrations on TV before and they are always really impressive. You should definitely go there if you can, although I imagine it would be pretty crowded.

P.S. In English, it's best to separate punctuation marks such as , and . with a space, like "What is your plan for that, everyone? Me? I have seen..."

Jessica Lee said...

Thanks, Jon. I am very appreciated at your correction, especially you need to take time to do that. So, are you in England now? with family? Sound great for me. I hope I can stay with my family as well.

Jon said...

Yep, I thought it best to stay here for a while because it's very risky to keep coming and going like I used to. They said I wasn't doing anything illegal but they said I really should get a visa. I could be waiting for 6 months though before I get it.