Dec 28, 2007

Flowers& Plants

I found out Australians really like flowers and plants. I saw tons of flowers and plants on sale in front of many stores. Australians like to buy some and put in the house. The place I rent has a big garden and my landlord takes care of them carefully. I think my mom will love to live here because she loves flowers and plants and wants to have a garden in the future.


Todd Drew said...
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Todd Drew said...

My wife also likes to keep flowers in the house. There are plenty of places to buy them here in New York. She buys new ones maybe twice a week. Australia sounds very nice. Have you seen any baseball games there?

Jessica Lee said...

Baseball is not popular in Australia at all. I have hard time on finding baseball games to watch here. I even couldn't get any baseball news on TV. Australians like cricket a lot.