Jan 22, 2008

Kirribilli Ferry Station

I went to an interview for my part-time job this afternoon. The place Kirribilli is located in the other side of harbor and I need to take ferry to get to there. As you guys can see, Kirribilli is a small stop which there is one coming by every 30 minutes. Taking ferry to get to someplace is the new experience for someone who live in a small island for long time. Image this. If I have to take ferry everyday to get to school and be able to enjoy fresh air from ocean every morning. Cool!! After a second, I change my mind. I still love to live in city. If I need to choose one, I will prefer to live close to forest than ocean. Why? Ocean is dangerous. HA!!


Jon said...

What kind of jobs have you been applying for?

I wish I could apply for film jobs out here but there are very few in my area.

Jessica Lee said...

Any kind of jobs, such as office jobs, waitress and customer service. I want to make some money for my rent and food. Unfortunately, I haven't figured out how to get film jobs in Australia.

Jon said...

Yeah, I'm doing the same kind of things too.

I found a well-paying job in London with the BBC that I was *almost* qualified for. I was able to perform all of the requirements except two - to be able to demonstrate knowledge of the UK film industry and to have contacts in the UK film industry. It was very disappointing because I think it would have paid a lot.

So back to catering work I guess :(

Jessica Lee said...

I don't quite get it. What kind of job you are talking about? What do you need to do for that job if you are qualified for? I mean the one in London with BBC. I got the first part about UK film Knowledge, but I couldn't understand why they need contacts with UK film for?

Jon said...

The BBC is funded by the general public so they try to cut costs whenever they can. So what they do is combine different jobs into just one job. It was for a segment producer / video editor / web developer rolled into one.

It also required me to make presentations to clients. I think that's where the UK film contacts were needed. They weren't entirely clear on that though.

Jessica Lee said...

I got it. In Taiwan, Boss always wants you to do as much as you can even though you only get one job salary.