Mar 3, 2008

I am tired and exhausted, but I like it...

I haven't been updated about what happened to me recently because I have been too busy. School has begun. Therefore, I have tons of stuffs need to read, including club, workshops, tutorials, seminar want to attend as well. On top of that, I got a part time job as a waitress in an Italian restaurant. I for one enjoy being busy, so I have nothing to complain about.

My part time job hasn't been as easy as I thought will be because the Italian dish names are very difficult for me. Hopefully, I won't be fired even though I don't make too much money out of this job, but I still don't want to be fired.

The Enrolment for me has been the process take me a lot of patience going through. I don't understand why school could make an easy process become this complicated. For example, We have three different orientations, including school orientation, faculty orientation, and international student orientation. We also have to pick up tons of different lines for waiting everything. How come we can't do all of these online or do it at personal schedule earlier, especially most international students come to Sydney at least two weeks ahead.

One of my class is consumer behaviour. Student manager for admission at school really need to take this class in order to do the job better. The most important thing for new students is getting information about how to choose our classes and what kind of important information when we choose our classes. Everything else we will figure it out eventually during study.

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