Oct 14, 2008


It's really easy for people to get wrong perception of someone, something or someplace. Once people get that wrong or bad perception or bad image, it is so difficult to change what they think. It actually have huge impact on people's attitude toward to the same thing.

The reason I say this because of few things happened to me when I stay in Sydney. First of all, my first landlord was terrible. Secondly, everything in Sydney is so expensive and food is not delicious in terms of quality and quantity. For example, you need to pay your Internet by usage. Unbelievable !!

And then I met a lot of Australian don't like Asian people, especially Chinese people. Of course, not every Australian like that. Recently, I lost one textbook and one USB drive. Somebody just picked them up and I can't get them back. I alway the one lose tons of stuffs all the time. However, most of time in Taiwan or in U.S , I actually are able to get them back.

I start talking to myself, "what in the world you pick up someone stuff and don't think about what people may feel when they lose those things?".

And then, I come up with my conclusion. I don't like Sydney, or I don't like Australia. I want to leave here as soon as I can.

Today, I went to lost property department and ask them again for my USB drive. You know what. I get my USB drive back. Then, my sister told me somebody lost something in Taiwan and never get them back as well.

I start thinking about why I get so many negative messages or things happening to me in Sydney. Prejudice? I think so.

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